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Carton Box Window Patching Machine Can Be Adjusted According To Need
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Paper charter is made of automatic cardboard, glass bottles, cans, jars, etc., suitable for beer, beverages, spices, food and other automated production lines.

Automatic cardboard box packaging machine, it can automatically be a group of containers with corrugated cardboard packaging can be shipped or stored cartons. Packaging machine for tanks, bottles and other containers. Depending on the size of the cardboard, the carton can be fully enclosed or semi-closed (tray) and other forms.

The machine is easy to operate, the specifications can be quickly replaced, the packaging can be set according to the needs of arbitrary adjustment and other characteristics. Processing speed can reach 400 boxes per minute. E4046 can also use tape or hot melt adhesive for bilateral sealing, while a good user-friendly and printing performance.

Carton packaging machine is one of the main equipment in the beverage production line, which replaces the manual packing and greatly improves the productivity. This paper mainly introduces the design of the pneumatic system of the carton packing machine, including the design of the cardboard feeding operation circuit, the carton forming box circuit and the spray sealing circuit.

Automatic high-speed carton packaging machine, also known as carton out of the box, carton packer, mainly by the bottle delivery system, the vertical supply of paper, box paper storage and transportation, horizontal delivery of paper, box vertical supply, Plate conveyor, rack assembly, sub-bottle institutions, push bottle institutions, carton folding molding, forming conveyor body, the upper (lower) sealing adhesive mechanism.

Technical characteristics

- automatic bottle technology, online continuous operation; machine PLC control, automatic operation.

- frequency control master drive; container group brushless servo motor.

- standard chain and internationally renowned hot sol device; automatic lubrication chain and permanent lubrication bearings.

- uniform coating according to the running speed; electronic adjustment of the length of glue.

- simple touch operation; multiple security protection.

- slim body design and large sliding door for easy contact

- to adapt to a variety of bottles, easy to adjust;

- the use of imported brand-name components such as motors, cylinders and electronic controls, the use of standard components to reduce spare parts storage;

- try to use 304 materials, machine nice.