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Carton Box Window Patching Machine New Integrated Equipment
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Carton Box Window Patching Machine  is one of the main equipment in the beverage production line, which replaces the manual packing and greatly improves the productivity. This paper mainly introduces the design of the pneumatic system of the Carton Box Window Patching Machine , including the design of the cardboard feeding operation circuit, the carton forming box circuit and the spray sealing circuit. Experimental results show that the design of the pneumatic system is feasible, with a programmable controller to control the safety and reliability.

Carton packaging machine is nearly 20 years with the development of modern packaging industry and the development of transport and the development of the machine, electricity, light, gas integration of the new packaging equipment, it is the product packaging to achieve mechanization, automation key One, so at home and abroad in the beer, beverages, dairy production line is increasingly playing an important role. It not only improve production efficiency, improve production conditions, reduce production and transportation costs, but also play a decorative role in product packaging, enhance the market competitiveness of products. Therefore, the carton packaging machine has a broad application prospects. In order to meet this trend, this paper has developed a new type of carton packaging machine based on the research and digestion of domestic and international carton packing machine. It adopts AC servo drive, pneumatic and PLC control technology instead of the traditional mechanical transmission system.

Pneumatic system is based on compressed air as the working medium for energy transfer or signal transmission system. It is compressed air as the driving force, through the pneumatic components to complete the scheduled action required to achieve the mechanization of production processes and automation. Carton packaging machine using pneumatic components to complete the carton molding, packing materials, adhesive and other packaging operations, with fast, safe, reliable, low cost and easy to achieve automation and other characteristics, and the use of compressed air as forming, Less energy consumption, do not pollute the environment. The carton packaging machine cardboard supply, packaging items arranged in groups, carton molding, adhesive type are used to complete the pneumatic system. The actuator is a cylinder, controlled by the PLC electromagnetic valve to achieve the action of each cylinder, reliable, easy to use and maintenance, with good application prospects and promotion value.

Carton packaging machine according to the cardboard molding and material into the order can be divided into preformed carton packaging machine and post-forming carton packaging machine, post-forming packaging machine according to the cardboard and material into the packaging machine relative position can be divided into straight, , Side-by-side and sunken carton packaging machines. This paper is aimed at the development of the pneumatic part of the sunken carton packaging machine.