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Carton Box Window Patching MachineRunning At A Uniform Speed
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Paper charter is made of automatic cardboard, glass bottles, cans, jars, etc., suitable for beer, beverage, spices, food and other automated production lines. Paper charter is widely used in beer, chemicals, food, medicine and other industries, supporting the filling line, etc., for all types of bottles for the second carton packaging.


1. The use of automatic bottle technology, online continuous operation; machine PLC control, automatic operation.

2. Frequency control main drive; container group Brushless servo motor.

3. Standard chain and internationally renowned hot sol device; automatic lubrication chain and permanent lubrication bearings.

4. According to the running speed of uniform coating; electronic adjustment of the length of glue.

5. Easy touch operation; multiple security protection.

6. slim body design and large sliding door to facilitate contact

7. To adapt to a variety of bottles, easy to adjust;

8. Motor, cylinder and electronic control, such as the use of imported brand-name components, the use of standard components to reduce spare parts storage;

9. As far as possible with 304 materials, machine nice.

Container imports: In the import conveyor belt platform, the cylindrical type of container by the partition plate and pneumatic vibration rail into a number of lines, and single-channel into the shape of the container to the sub-gate is divided into multiple lines. Container divider: The container divider is driven by two servo motor drives, which are evenly and evenly spaced. In order to handle containers that are not stable enough, such as a clawed PET bottle, a transition bottle can be used between the conveyor chain chains. After the container is grouped, it is pushed by the putter. Cardboard Import: The paperboard is neatly stacked on the drum conveyor and then automatically guided into the riser cardboard memory located below the container inlet. The vacuum paw is extracted from the lift memory at the top of the cardboard and placed horizontally on the cardboard inlet. Package Forming device: The cardboard is conveyed under the container bank and folded at both ends by mechanical means. The side cover is folded by a rotary capper, painted by a hot sol, and pasted to the bottom cover. The circulation seal chain presses the bottom cover and brings the package to the wrapper. Then, the top cover is folded and painted on the sealing edge. Finally, the closure chain closes the top cover from above. As the wrapper runs longitudinally, and at this time the bottom has been tightly stabilized, the top cover can be painted very accurately.