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Carton Erecting Machine
- Nov 27, 2018 -

1) Just can change related wooden mold for different box, it need client provide us all of the samples of box.

2) Water-based adhesive is belongs to food-grade. It is safe for human body.

3) All of the molds are made of Pine materials, so that can be more durable.

4) Automatically collecting. According to clients’ request, we can add calculator for counting the amount of boxes and set a mark per 100/200 boxes in order to counting easily.

5) PLC control system, during running period, the machine will stop automatically when short of paper, become more safety for operator.

Product Application

Selling MR-800C High Quality Fast Food Box Pasting Gluing Machine use thermal bonding system to produce aluminum foil and double PE coated paper boxes, one machine can produce various products with less replacing time. Applies PLC system to control and produce complex boxes, and automatically stop when there is paper jamming or no paper, more safe and convenience for operation. Automatically collecting, stacking and counting.  Install additionally counter as the requirements of customers.