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Cup Inspection Machine Test Principle And Introduction
- May 25, 2017 -

The test principle and introduction of Cup inspection Machine

The so-called Cup inspection Machine for the determination of metal sheet and strip cold stamping deformation of the test equipment. A pellet having a spherical end is stamped against a sample clamped in the die and in the film to form a dent until a penetrating crack occurs, and the depth of the pit is measured test results. That is, with a certain size of the ball or spherical punch, to the surrounding 10kN clamping force of the sample pressure, until the specimen through the cracks, so the punch into the depth (mm), that is, the plate of the Cup inspection Machine This value is used to determine the plastic deformation properties of the material.

The Cup inspection Machine test was carried out by pressing the sheet (Ø60) of the thin plate and the strip between the blank holder and the die, and in the direction of the impulse applied by the punch, it was extended in the radial direction and bending and plastic deformation. Into a cylindrical cup, used to determine the material to the ear rate as the sign of the anisotropy.

1,the Cup inspection Machine uses a new structure of the principle, for the servo motor constant speed loading, can achieve constant rate control, by the PC computer control stamping process, stamping speed can be stepless speed regulation, pre-set. (In the past, the fuel tank can not achieve constant rate control).

2, Cup inspection Machine the clamping force from the hydraulic oil source independent load, clamping force can be adjusted, the data synchronization display, can be independently calibrated.

3, Cup inspection Machine the force measuring device has been changed to the past for the hydraulic sensor for the spoke sensor, the cup protrusion measurement for the encoder measurement, combined with the spoke sensor (direct force) greatly improved the test machine to measure the accuracy and reliability of the cup.

4, the Cup inspection Machine to facilitate the replacement, the sample loading and unloading is simple, the sample is put, press the automatic button to complete the clamping, test parameters can be input, change, stamping process automatically one key to complete, no human impact, Control, punching force drop to determine the sample crack automatically stop, and easy to observe the test process, can more accurately determine the moment of cracks in the cup protrusion value. Test data computer display, and the peak memory function, that is, the maximum punching force, the cup and so on, to achieve the test results of the report, storage, batch, curve drawing, deformation of automatic recovery, a test can be automatically restored to the end of the test status.