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Development Status And Prospect Of SMT Full Automatic Printing Machine
- Jul 21, 2017 -

  Development Status and Prospect of SMT Full Automatic Printing Machine

  China has become a global electronics R & D manufacturing power, electronic products from the previous simple production of television sets, PC computers to today's smart phones, automotive electronics, intelligent wearable electronic products. The development of the market and product changes and upgrading, no doubt SMT automatic presses suppliers to provide a new market power.

  SMT chip after the welding processing industry market size: Since 1985, Full Automatic Printing Machine the introduction of SMT production line mass production of color TV since the air conditioning, China SMT technology for nearly 30 years. According to incomplete statistics, China's SMT chip line of about 50,000, SMT placement machine over 10 million units, accounting for 40% of the world, the world's largest and most important SMT market.

  This year is an important year for China's electronic patch welding manufacturers, a lot of SMT chip processing plant was established in 1997, 1998, many manufacturers in 2015 SMT electronics production line is facing replacement, for SMT automatic Printing presses and buyers, 2015 is a very important year. The following are the same as the "

  Now the domestic production of electronic products in the international market has a certain influence, the domestic production of smart phones, Full Automatic Printing Machine whether functional or quality have a certain degree of competitiveness, the domestic production of electronic products manufacturers SMT equipment requirements and 10 years ago Very different. China SMT market, whether it is equipment replacement or system upgrades, all SMT automatic press suppliers to provide a rare market development momentum and opportunities. The following are the same as the "

  SMT and DIP, THT electronic assembly industry, including original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) in China has made great progress. The future of China's electronic assembly industry will continue to maintain rapid growth. Full Automatic Printing Machine New market demand and the renewal of old equipment will make the Chinese market once again become the major SMT automatic printing press manufacturers focus on competition.