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Full Automatic Printing Machine Applications
- Jul 21, 2017 -

  Full Automatic Printing Machine applications

  Full Automatic Printing Machine is suitable for silk screen factory, toy factory, plastic factory, metal factory, printing plant, five glass products factory, crystal products factory, plexiglass factory for customers batch printing products, making samples, and production speed, image effects Well, loved by the majority of customers, will win the proofing time for the factory, then take more orders, fast batch printing factory production of products. Use a wide range, really want to India printed on the Indian effect, imaging speed, Full Automatic Printing Machine image clarity excellent results.

  Product proofing - fast! Product processing - low cost! Product environmental protection - high quality!

  Automatic press is a "non-contact with the object" inkjet printing of high-tech digital printing equipment, so it can be without any material restrictions, can be in the wood, glass, Full Automatic Printing Machine crystal, metal plate, floor tiles, tiles CD, PE, PVC, cloth, stickers, stone and other surfaces for color photo printing.

  Whether it is a simple block color pattern, full-color pattern or with excessive color patterns, can be printed once completed, no plate, no copy and repeat sets of color, beautiful color, realistic, image waterproof, sunscreen, Strong, do not fade, the machine is simple, stable performance, to create higher than the traditional way of printing quality, fully meet the industry's high-intensity mass production requirements, Full Automatic Printing Machine which significantly improve your product market competitiveness