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Hot Laminating Machine Related Description
- May 25, 2017 -

Hot laminating machine operations include glue, drying, hot pressing, higher operation, advantage is that product quality is reliable, it has a fatal weakness is oily glue processing gases affect human body health, so the technology is currently in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have banned, water-based glue than oily green, relatively oily cost is higher.

Hot laminating machine in the scope of application: suitable for color printing, packaging paper, flexible sheet, compound membrane in the soft rubber sheet (film), make its surface light, colour and lustre is gorgeous and have waterproof function. Can be customized according to customer's require, oily water fog machine.

The detailed description of hot laminating machine:

1, base, wall panels, such as cast iron structure, never deformation, to ensure that in use process and the maintenance and replacement parts will not affect its precision.

2, seiko production, glue spreader and the limit of roller roller surface concentricity error control within 0.01 mm, in order to ensure uniform coating, at the same time save glue dosage.

3, hot composite steel roll seiko mirror treatment, membrane excellent finished the degree.

4, electronic automatic constant temperature device.

5 and unique hydraulic system design, precision and stability. Equipped with roll paper feed device, can be applied to roll of composite materials.