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Operations Security Issues Paper Cutting Machine
- Mar 20, 2017 -

1, brake
A number of manufacturers to save money, using the principle of circuit braking, cut off the circuit through the upper and lower limits of the sensor's power supply, power supply, loose outlets, sensor failure cases, could lead to "sliding knife" extreme cases. In order to prevent this from happening, you must use a mechanical braking device of motor parts, so, no matter what the circuit, the motor is locked to avoid accidents.
2, dual-button operation
Press the button at the same time, otherwise the cutter head will not move, can guarantee absolute security for a single operation.
3, in actual use, often operate with 2 people, so that the situation has become very dangerous, this requires for the paper cutting machine configuration before and after security cover. When the safety guard is open, the motor will not work to ensure safety.
4, maintenance, maintenance should be paid attention to when replacing blade, ensure blade is closed, both to ensure human security, but also ensures the edges are not damaged. In addition, remove the blades cannot be placed, so as not to hurt people.