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Paper Cup Machine A Multi - Station Automatic Molding Machine
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Fully automatic single-sided PE-coated paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic molding machine, which through automatic feeding (printed good fan paper), sealing (heat sealing paper cup wall), oil (on the roll lubrication) (Such as photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting, etc.), and so on, which are used for the process of photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting, etc., Production of beverage cups, tea cups, coffee cups, advertising paper cups and market paper cups, ice cream cups or other disposable cone-shaped food paper containers ideal equipment.

At present, the national production of pulp can be degraded meal with more than 100 manufacturers, the annual production capacity is 3 billion. According to the National Bureau of Statistics figures show that the national consumption of a lunch box with instant noodles bowl, dish, paper cups, etc. a total of about 10 billion or so, then, until December 31 this year, must fill this gap, the 7 billion Where does the tableware come from?

According to the National Light Industry Bureau National convenience food disposable foam plastic packaging alternative work leading group deputy director Li Jiang said that our country from the end of 1994 in early 1995 began to resolve pollution, and began to replace the product research and development work. The end of 1997 to develop a variety of alternative products, 1998, 1999, two years to produce technology has a leap, but also in the international are leading. Take 600 ml of ordinary lunch boxes, for example, before 1997, the development of a single product cost price is about 3 hair, so now many products are exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and often appear for the situation, Quanzhou, Fujian, a company's products have also been designated as the Sydney Olympic Games designated fast food appliances, and the domestic market is far less good as the international market, this is a strange phenomenon. The domestic market is not to accept the price, the existing manufacturer because the foreign market is good and do not want to do the domestic market. He believes that the domestic market on the pulp lunch box 2 hair more price do not accept this problem should be specific analysis. In fact, not the final consumer does not accept, such as more than 1 mineral water, bottle 8 hair, Coke 2 5 hair, jar children more than one consumer are accepted, a few dollars of instant noodles, a few or even more than 10 The key to the consumer is the consumer in the consumer when the product is in a passive position, but also because the ban transition time span is large, substitute and replaced the tableware cross overlap period is long , The middle of the use of enterprises often choose low prices without paper tableware.

But also because the replacement of overlapping time is too long, there are many disposable tableware manufacturing enterprises, although the pulp molding tableware to see long-term economic benefits, in the current price gap and policy context, they still hold the wait and see attitude. Li Jiang told reporters that the alternative work leading group is applying by the State Light Industry Bureau in conjunction with other relevant departments of the state to strengthen economic regulation and control of the production of polluted enterprises to replace the product of the enterprise levy tax, effectively support the production of alternative products business growth and development, with economic means To adjust the market economy in the stage of the product price difference. Japan, the United States and other advanced countries are so practice. Premier Zhu on May 27 last year on the disposable foam tableware alternative work instructions that in the process of dealing with white pollution can not blindly invest in herself. To take the lead by the State Economic and Trade Commission, pay close attention to the development of disposable tableware production of national standards. Mold clear family, reasonable layout. According to this spirit, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Quality and Technical Supervision jointly issued a one-time tableware production of national standards.