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Paper Cutter Blade Affecting The Quality Of The Performance Of Equipment
- Mar 20, 2017 -

1. for tool material selection, single-piece cutting tool set made by welding blade and blade under high temperature, chromium-tungsten-manganese steel blades with high hardness, low carbon steel body. Durability of tool steel blade hardness is proportional to the quality of the blade, blade quenched hardness up to 60 HR55.
2. the shape and angle of the sharpening. Single-sided paper cutting machine, single knife sharpening, sharpening angle of 19 degrees to 23 degrees. Sharpening the shape tilted surface pressure on the tool in the process of cutting, from that part of the paper is cut open, a section of paper-based friction, the bevel of the blade quickly wear. Double-sided tool cutting edge has a distinct advantage, which helps reduce the load on the machine, increase the accuracy of the sharpening of crops. Therefore, in the case of tool material, permitted, and under the premise of taking into account the size of the crop shear, sharpening angle should be as small as possible.
3. materials for different crops. Cutters blunt the edge of speed and abrasion-resistant material cut in the cutting process. When cutting paper, blade blunt speed and paper texture, soft, hard and ash content. Clipping operation feel stiffer, bigger the ash content of the paper, the faster the blades get dull.

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