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Paper Cutting Machine How To Drive
- Mar 20, 2017 -

Paper cutting machine, we know this is a late paper products processing equipment, but for paper cutting machine is everyone not understanding how to drive it. Now with the paper processing industry development, as well as applications and demand for paper, paper cutting machine driving speed become more sophisticated and demanding. This also reflects the high speed, wide range of Cutter's importance to industry.
Now on the market of paper machine drive system has two parts, namely conveyor gear ratio and transmission systems, both part of the impact speed of the device is very large. At design time, attention to this two-part special, leading to improved in the performance as a whole.
Paper cutting machine driving not only long work, cutting, reduction ratio, and driving accuracy, normally bigger reduction ratio can improve cutting accuracy. in addition, the cutter on a cut in the minimum length of time is relatively short, you can take full advantage of speed control system features appropriate choice of speed exceeding the rated speed reduction ratio.