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Paper Cutting Machine Operating Rules Guidance
- Mar 20, 2017 -

Paper cutting machine in operation should be tied up before hem and hem, bunch of good cuff, can't hold anything in his pants pocket, do not wear jewelry to operate the machine.
Operation paper cutter staff must keep the spirit of good, you cannot drink alcohol or relaxed by the operation of the cutter.
Clean up debris around the cutter will cut paper placed on a suitable location, be sure to check there are no tools left on the paper cutter.
After startup check the switches, reliable and that the cutter is sharp, tried knife a few times and see no knife, if problems should be ruled out.
When doing so be sure to remind companions or other persons of security, confirm that no danger can turn the system on.
When it is turned on you need to check the surrounding environment, whether anyone in other machine operations.
Operation, paper cutting machine, and other personnel shall not carelessly touch switch to avoid failure operation of the paper machine. Paper cutting runtime, thought must concentrate, can't do, and the profession is no light thing to avoid distraction, the last point was ban both operated paper cutting machines.