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Paper Plate Making Machine How To Carry Out Maintenance
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Equipment Lubricant material selection of the general principles:

(1) Movement speed: low-speed movement should be used high viscosity lubricants, high-speed movement should be less viscosity lubrication

(2) load size: the greater the load of sports, the higher the viscosity of lubricating oil should be better.

(3) movement: the regular start, reverse, stop the body, should use the viscosity of the oil.

(4) Operating temperature: low ambient temperature, to use low viscosity, high penetration of the oil, the high temperature is the opposite.

(5) the surrounding environment: to consider whether the water is serious, how much dust, whether there is toxic gas and other factors.

(6) clearance: the smaller the gap between the movement, the lower the viscosity of lubricating oil.

(7) Hardness: friction surface hardness of the movement of vice, to use low viscosity lubricants, and the oil should be sufficient.

(8) Surface accuracy: the higher the accuracy of the surface of the movement, the lower the viscosity of lubricating oil.

(9) lubrication method: artificial refueling device should generally use a larger viscosity of the oil, in the splash, oil mist lubrication system should be used with antioxidant additives, lubricating materials.

Many large parts of modern large-scale papermaking machines have about 1500 bearings under severe conditions, including water, heat, steam and paper dust. Each part needs special lubrication. Modern paper machine each at least by the Department of network, press, drying and reel four parts. Different types of paper machines produce different types of paper, based on different products and machine speeds, we recognize the different requirements for their lubrication.

Net Department:

Pulp into the first part of the paper machine, that is, when the net, about 99% of the water. To the end of the net, the basic shape of the paper, the molding process is a large number of paper dehydration process, into the press when the paper has been formed. Therefore, the modern factory to use the paper machine network are immersed in a large number of water, most of the time, the network of bearings must be used to lubricate butter. Butter has a seal, waterproof and in addition to the role of impurities, especially for the role of bearing waterproof. One of the best ways to lubricate the web bearing is to use an automatic system to pump the prepared butter into the bearing every day. This method ensures that new butter is regularly cleaned to clean the bearings.

Sometimes, some lubricants choose oil instead of butter for the lubrication of the mesh bearing, which may be caused by one or several reasons. For example, in relatively high-speed operation of the network, the working temperature is rising, the bearing may need too much oil to lubricate, with good oil may be more economical and cleaner. When the oil is used to lubricate, the bearing must use the oil seal that matches the oil.

Generally speaking, the lubricating oil used for the mesh bearing is preferably made of high quality lubricating oil containing artificial viscous and good water resistance. At the same time, corrosion resistance should also be the first choice for the Department of lubricants. Therefore, both butter and oil must contain good anti-rust ingredients.

Press section:

The paper contains 80% moisture when it enters the press and the press is to squeeze out the extra moisture. Pressing is a more economical way of removing moisture from paper than steam, and also improving the quality of the paper. Therefore, the pressing method has been widely developed in the paper machine.

Especially in the press and the net, the water is a problem, and the heat is not. As a result, butter and oil are commonly used in the press of the press. The selected lubrication type is usually based on the bearing specifications, speed to set. For butter lubrication, multi-stage composite seals help to prevent water, and the water cover prevents the water from entering when the hose is lowered.

Circulating oils are usually used exclusively for bearings with relatively high rotational speeds, as braking problems may occur with grease lubrication at high rotational speeds. Moreover, in the high-speed paper machine, the large roller on the press roll produces a very high frictional heat, requiring a lot of circulating oil to flow and heat. Reduce the temperature of the inlet port and install a separate cooling tank separately to help maintain the viscosity required for the recycle oil. In the press roll bearing which is lubricated with circulating oil, the oil seal prevents the oil from flowing out of the rack, and the multi-stage oil seal can be waterproof. No matter what lubricants, rust inhibitors must be one of the indispensable ingredients.

There is a reason why the press roll of the press is lubricated with oil. In the case of linear speed, the smaller the roller diameter, the higher the speed, if the high-speed rotation of the roller bearings with butter lubrication, the roller operating temperature will be quite high, if the use of butter lubrication, butter consumption will be large, and excessive butter May contaminate the equipment.

Note that the use of oil-lubricated bearing seals is not as effective as butter multi-stage oil seals. Moreover, the oil lubricated bearing on the press section must be sufficiently effective due to being immersed in water during operation and descent.


When the paper from the press out, generally also contains 50% to 60% of the water, and then into the drying section to remove excess water, so that water content down to 5% to 10%.

The bearings in the dryer in the long-term high temperature, so that the working environment of these bearings is quite bad. As the rapid development of modern equipment, equipment began to large-scale, high-speed, continuous development of automation, greater machines, faster speed, higher steam temperature makes the oil and lubrication transmission system challenges are increasingly large.

Drying Department has a variety of rollers, such as dryer, for transmission paper, immersed in water vapor. According to the production and the machine speed, the steam heat causes the dryer temperature to rise continuously. In many cases, even in the case of a thermal ring, the bearing temperature can reach 125 degrees Celsius. Like the press, the dryer also has a felt roll. They are used to dry paper.

In general, the drying section of the dryer and dry roller, felt roller bearings are circulating oil lubrication. Generally have a dedicated petrol station, with oil lubrication, which is the drying of various parts of the bearing in which the requirements of the environment. Dryer bearing lubrication requires a lot of proper viscosity of the waterproof oil, in order to properly reduce the dryer temperature, extend the bearing life, high temperature environment, the equipment appeared in the insulation ring, with a thermal ring of modern machines, the general can reduce the bearing temperature To less than 90 degrees Celsius. There are many factors that affect the flow of lubricants, according to different equipment has different requirements, with the equipment diagnostic technology and detection technology development, there has been a new computer analysis and testing technology, that is, through computer analysis to help solve the problem of lubricants, Including lubrication of some traffic, equipment, lubrication and so on.


With the continuous development of large-scale equipment, large paper machine width can now reach more than 10 meters, before the sale of these papers, the paper must first cut and roll into small volumes. During the operation of the reel, as the roll continues to increase, the weight of the paper roll, including the roll of paper, is gradually increased, and the paper roll that meets the requirements of the roll paper may be more than 100 tons and then need to be rewound The machine rolls the paper roll into a small roll that the customer needs, and for such a huge weight, the most important thing about the roll shaft is the bearing that feeds the paper onto the shaft. Compared with other parts of the paper machine, roll shaft bearings in a relatively good working environment, relatively dry, low temperature, about 25 degrees Celsius. However, these bearings must be protected from being dusted by paper dust.

Roll machine relative to the slow turn, especially as the paper roll continues to increase, the speed gradually reduced. Most of the butter used for shaft lubrication. Many manufacturers are now using circulating oil to lubricate these bearings, and often use a unified cycle oil system for dryer bearings, especially larger machines, which is becoming more common and therefore must ensure that there is sufficient oil Meet these two uses. When lubricating with butter, the reel lubrication of the reel can be done with the same grease as the web and press. About a month to do a lubrication.

These are some of the basic methods and principles for correct lubrication of paper machines. Specific lubrication can be adjusted according to the working environment of the equipment, temperature, speed and so on.