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Paper Plate Making Machine Sizing On The Surface Should Pay Attention To Six Influencing Factors
- Oct 23, 2017 -

The effect of the sheet substrate

The amount of paper is large and the picking amount of the compound is relatively large. The greater the tightness, the smaller the picking amount of the compound. In addition, the paper capillary structure and the size of the fiber pores affect the picking amount of the paper.

Although the material on the rough surface of the paper has a decorative effect, but the surface roughness of the paper is not ideal, Paper Plate Making Machine even if the increase in the amount of compound is difficult to achieve the desired finishing effect. So the uniformity of the paper is the primary condition of the surface sizing.

Effect of sizing on paper

The size of the sizing of the paper is an important factor affecting the picking of the sizing press. Completely non-sizing paper is more than 100% of the absorbent paper, and the water absorbed by the web is also more, resulting in a decrease in strength and an increase in breakage rate. Paper Plate Making Machine Once the degree of sizing of the paper reaches a certain value, and then improve the sizing of the paper on the paper absorption of glue is not obvious.

Effect of moisture on paper

The size of the water that enters the sizing press does not only affect the picking amount of the paper, but also the uniformity of the vertical and horizontal moisture directly affects the uniformity of the absorption of the compound. Therefore, into the sizing press paper moisture is the production process need to focus on the control of key parameters. In the production process, Paper Plate Making Machine the water is generally controlled at 5 ~ 10% is appropriate, then get the maximum picking.

The impact of Paper Plate Making Machine speed

For ordinary sizing presses, as the speed of the Paper Plate Making Machine is improved, the sheet picks up the amount of starch when the Paper Plate Making Machine speed is between 100 m / min and 300 m / min. But the speed increased to 650m / min after the paper did not significantly increase the amount of starch picking. For the measurement of the size of the press, in the case of the material supply is not changed, Paper Plate Making Machine with the increase in the speed of the paper in the nip time to reduce the relative absorption of paper on the lower.

The effect of sizing press

Horizontal sizing press is higher than the vertical picking of the compound. The lower nip pressure is beneficial to increase the film thickness through the nip. Large diameter and lower hardness of the sizing roller, is conducive to the absorption of paper on the compound time.

Sizing compound

In a certain range to improve the solid content of the compound can increase the amount of paper picking on the compound, but also help to reduce the dry load. But increasing the solids content will reduce the rheological properties of the compound. The viscosity of the compound affects the rheological properties and membrane transfer of the compound, and the low viscosity contributes to the increase of the pick-up and the high viscosity, Paper Plate Making Machine which is beneficial to increase the thickness of the liquid film through the nip.

Cationic starch gel and oxidized starch and other anionic or non-ionic modified starch glue, Paper Plate Making Machine because of its chemical fiber sheet on the chemical affinity to increase the use of the starch glue to reduce the rate of penetration, starch more to stay in the paper surface.