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Punching And Die Cutting Machine Is Not High Precision Of The Problem Is Very Common?
- Jul 10, 2017 -

  Punching and Die Cutting Machine is not high precision of the problem is very common?

  Punching and Die Cutting Machine is through the upper and lower stamping in advance according to product drawings to open a good product model stamping into a certain shape, the entire operation of the die-cutter is driven by the servo motor pulling material to feed the automatic feeding machine, Punching and Die Cutting Machine through the feed can be completed some of the action of the film, through the Punching and Die Cutting Machine mold seat punching, row off the border of waste, cut out into pieces can complete some of the process.

  Punching and Die Cutting Machine is not high precision of the problem is very common. One of the most important standards to measure the quality of die-cutting is the precision of die-cutting, which is the important guarantee of qualified products, the cause of the malfunction is very many, the precision of Punching and Die Cutting Machine is not high:

  The distance between the position of front and rear positioning frame is smaller.

  Because the length of the chain is certain error, such as the location distance is too small, the front and rear positioning can not eliminate some chain errors, affecting the die-cutting accuracy. Adjust the position of the screw or position of the positioning frame of the front position, so that the positioning frame can toggle the 2mm~3mm distance of the teeth.

  Second, on the die-cutting version or the next die-cutting plate positioning is not allowed.

  The machine for a long time will cause the die-cutting frame or die-cutting plate on the block wear. The abrasion of the side locating plate is an important factor for the lateral locating. Because the positioning of the volume is not enough to make up for the wear and tear, it will result in a poor positioning accuracy. The side positioning board should be replaced at this time.

  Third, paperboard transmission process, the main transmission chain wear elongated, will directly affect the positioning accuracy before die-cutting.

  The chain should be replaced at this time. Punching and Die Cutting Machine Intermittent mechanism wear, resulting in the tooth platoon in the process of stop or start jitter, will also affect the accuracy of die-cutting. In this case, generally only to the positioning accuracy of the impact, at this time, fully automatic Punching and Die Cutting Machine should be timely overhaul.

  Four, Diao paper tooth pressure is too small or uneven.

  If the active tooth elasticity of the paper tooth becomes smaller because of the long-term use, it will cause the paper to slip or fall off in the process of transmission, thus directly affecting the die-cutting precision; Punching and Die Cutting Machine the uneven pressure between the paper teeth may result in the skew of the paper in the die-cutting process. The active tooth should be replaced at this time. In addition, the fixed teeth in the horizontal height should also be consistent, otherwise it may be in the paper when the paper collision or paper wrinkling, affecting the die-cutting accuracy.