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Speed Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine
- Nov 28, 2018 -

1.      Programmable controller(computer) control production processes, production process automation coefficient, equipment fully furnished, high production efficiency.

2.      Change core automatically with stop machine, rewinding, spray glue, sealing, when change core , up speed and down speed automatically.

3.      When change core rewinding, tight first and then loosen, avoid product core pipe get loose.

4.      Tension of final product can be adjusted.

5.      Auto point to add core pipe, machine stop automatically when there is no core pipe. 

6.      When raw material broken down, machine will stop automatically.

7.      Each jumbo roll unreeling separately, match with tension control.

8.      Easy to adjust to produce different core pipe for rewinding.

9.      There is paper tail of sealing, for easy use

10.   Push jumbo roll on stand by pneumatic.

11.   Adopt double embossing roller to produce “dot-by-dot” product.

12.   According to requirement, machine can equip with single embossing device or double embossing device, with vivid designs.

13.   In case customer require, the machine can add coreless device.