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Summary Of The Main Reasons For Drying And Beheading Of Paper Plate Making Machine
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Summary of the main reasons for drying and beheading of Paper Plate Making Machine

To enter the dry part of the wet paper page, dry degree has reached more than 32%, with a certain intensity. But in the drying department will also appear the phenomenon of decapitation. There are several main reasons for the resulting decapitation:

1 The strength of the paper page itself is not enough or there is a weak point

For example, paper page moisture is too large, dry cloth knot head and irregular, easy to press the knot on the paper, resulting in a weak point and the paper page end;

such as the above paper in the press department out of Suriko, Paper Plate Making Machine serious when the tension in the late drying occurs when the end of the broken, or in the wet part of the page with transverse cracks, as well as holes, and so on, will also cause drying of paper page end;

Paper page quantitative fluctuations, the drying rate will be inconsistent, paper page quantitative small, fast drying, so easy to appear dry and make paper page shrink too large, at the end of the drying. When this happens, it should be addressed for specific reasons.

2 The tension of the paper page causes the beheading

The reasons for the excessive tension of the paper page are:

One is the ratio of each group of baking cylinder is too large, often in the late drying paper page when the more severe, resulting in broken ends, or transmission parts have problems, Paper Plate Making Machine such as belt skidding, gear irregular, so that the tension fluctuation, will also cause the beheading. So pay attention to adjust the tension between the dryer, at any time to pay attention to the transmission of work-like decorations is very important.

Second, the dryer temperature is too high, in the early drying will occur in the viscous cylinder caused by the serious broken, and in the drying process, will cause the paper page drying, so that the paper page contraction sharp and broken. Sometimes even the end of a long time, because of long time not to the paper heat transfer to make the cylinder temperature rise, and then the paper running, it will also occur this kind of beheading. Therefore, the drying department "look at the steam" to pay attention to the steam pressure and dryer temperature.

3) The debris between the baking cylinder causes the paper page to be severed

When there is no clean damage paper when there is a broken end, Paper Plate Making Machine the paper is passed between the dry cloth and the baking cylinder. Easy to break the paper page and broken, the blade is not strict and leakage of paper foam, easy to dip on the edge of the paper, the first to make paper edge damage, in the late drying caused the beheading; some sticky material in the paper material, which is also stuck on the cylinder surface, causes the beheading. Therefore should be after the beheading, pay attention to the use of compressed air cleaning damage paper, and often pay attention to remove the blade of the paper foam, and pay attention to the working condition of the scraper.

4) dry cloth caused by the beheading

Dry cloth pleated, will make wrinkles corresponding to the paper page, because and baking lack of contact with bad dry, so that it in the dryer and the calendering machine between; Paper Plate Making Machine dry cloth joints are rough, easy to crush paper page, resulting in broken ends, dry cloth sticky with oil and resin, will be sticky paper page, and even the canvas edge, jilt, will also open the edge of the paper, resulting in the full width of the decapitated. Therefore, in the normal work, should always pay attention to observe the dry cloth work condition, found the problem solves promptly.