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The Cadre And The Wet Part In The Paper Plate Making Machine Production Line
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Papermaking process is a continuous production process, Paper Plate Making Machine production line is composed of a series of ancillary equipment, production system is mainly divided into two parts, including wet and cadres, the different production parts have different roles.

The wet part of the Paper Plate Making Machine mainly includes the sizing flow system, the net part and the pressing part, and the cadres include the drying, calendering, coiling and so on. The production process of Paper Plate Making Machine is: The slurry is transferred through the sizing flow system to the front-end Headbox in the production line of papermaking machine, then the slurry flow in turn through the Paper Plate Making Machine network, press, dryer, calendering machine, roll Paper Plate Making Machine and other ancillary components, the final production become the original paper, the original paper can also be passed into the coating and rewinding machine output finished paper.

Production function of water baffle plate in papermaking machine

The baffle plate is in the Paper Plate Making Machine, which belongs to the forming device. Water baffle can play a role in preventing water rejection, when the speed of Paper Plate Making Machine is higher, especially when the speed is higher than 300-350 m/time-sharing, the case roll surface of white water in the centrifugal force and adhesion, it will play to the adjacent rollers and forming nets, But will not affect the next case roll dehydration, but also on the paper sheet forming auxiliary role.

Water baffle plate dehydration is mainly along with the copper network should be as close as possible, so that it can be both scraping the white water under the copper net, but also good to prevent the copper network in the two cases of the interference between the rollers, and then can better improve the work situation of the network case. Paper Plate Making Machine in the form of water retaining plate mainly for the scraper-type baffle and case plate baffle plate, different forms of water retaining board has different advantages, can meet the different production needs, on the use of effect, the use of the chopping board is relatively better effect.