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The Lubrication System Of The Paper Plate Making Machine Needs To Be Taken Seriously
- Aug 16, 2017 -

  The lubrication system of the Paper Plate Making Machine needs to be taken seriously

  The continuous upgrading of the Paper Plate Making Machine makes the use of the production line more and more harsh, with the paper is to bring the quality of Paper Plate Making Machinery to a higher demand, but also makes the Paper Plate Making Machine equipment lubrication maintenance is more and more The more important.

  According to the long-term production experience of Paper Plate Making Machine, 40% of the Paper Plate Making Machine bearing failure is due to improper lubrication in production, and the cost of replacing a bearing is very expensive, not only increase production costs, but also affect the production efficiency, Especially because the Paper Plate Making Machine is a high-speed continuous production, there is lubrication problems, then it is easy to cause Paper Plate Making Machine equipment failure, it is very time-consuming solution, seriously affecting the production and efficiency of Paper Plate Making Machine business, and therefore need to attract the attention of production staff, System of normal production.

  Production of Waterproof Plate in Paper Plate Making Machine

  The deflector is in the Paper Plate Making Machine is inside the forming device, the deflector can play the role of preventing water interference, when the Paper Plate Making Machine speed is high, especially when the speed is higher than 300-350 m / min The white water on the roll surface under the action of centrifugal force and adhesion, it will play to the adjacent roller and forming network, but will not affect the next case of the dehydration of the roller, the paper will play a supporting role in forming The

  The watertight dewatering is mainly on the edge along with the copper mesh should be as close as possible below, so as to be able to scrap the copper net below the white water, but also very good to prevent the copper network between the two cases of interference between the roller, and thus can be more Good to improve the work of the network case. Paper Plate Making Machine in the form of the main deflector for the scraper-type watercress and the plate-type watercress, different forms of the retaining plate has different advantages, to meet the needs of different production use, the use of results, the case board The effect of the flap is relatively better.