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The Primary Concern Of Paper Plate Making Machine Production
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Stable, absolutely stable, no longer a second answer, are you right? I believe we all know, know to know, but some people do not act so in place. Please try to remember, your business production to the stability of the production process to do?

Slurry concentration fluctuation

Shredding process must ensure a stable feeding and the amount of water. If you can add a concentration regulator before entering the beating is the ideal concentration control process, but it must be noted that the concentration regulator can only be within a certain concentration range to adjust, and only in the set concentration above the conditions Adjust the concentration to the set, so the pulp concentration exceeds the adjustment range or below the set concentration when the regulator is not working properly.

Loss of pulp fluctuations

If the amount of paper loss is large and the lack of ideal enrichment equipment and adequate damage to the pulp storage tank, it will be sufficient to threaten the stability of the pulp. Especially in the Paper Plate Making Machine downtime and broken paper more time, the concentration of extremely unstable wet pulp, seriously affecting the quantitative stability.

The amount of paper used in normal production must be kept constant. Once the production of abnormal, resulting in excessive damage to the paper must be reported after the scene by the technical staff according to the situation within the appropriate range within the limits of the amount of adjustment. But first of all to do as much as possible to ensure that the Paper Plate Making Machine is normal, stable, should be as little as possible to produce paper, is an effective way to solve the problem.

The amount of filler added to the fluctuations

The concentration of the filler, the change in the flow rate, and the deposition of the filler in the delivery line will cause the paper to fluctuate quantitatively. Must strictly control the concentration of filler material and flow, put an end to the impact of human factors, the rational distribution of pipelines, valves, elbows and so on.

Equipment factors

The effect of the grout agitator is poor, resulting in the sedimentation and slurry of the slurry in the pool. The problem should be solved by changing the pool structure of the agitator and the slurry pool. But regardless of whether there is precipitation in the pulp pool, slurry phenomenon, the pulp level must be stable, or because the larger fluctuations in the liquid level will also cause quantitative fluctuations in Paper Plate Making Machine.

The failure of the pump or packing leak, the pump is unstable or the packing is not good and the leakage will lead to a large pulse when the transmission phenomenon, the mixing pool and the like will also fluctuate , And can not be stable. Should be promptly troubleshooting, re-fill the packing or take to open the pump cover exhaust and even stop the discharge of white water after re-watering start can rule out such phenomena.

Paper Plate Making Machine speed fluctuations

The instability of the machine speed is not just the cause of the equipment. In addition to the electrical control is faulty, belt slip, clutch slip and other factors will cause the Paper Plate Making Machine speed instability, the improper operation control will also affect the speed of Paper Plate Making Machine, such as the formation of vacuum instability " Poor discharge of condensate condensate caused by the instability of the Paper Plate Making Machine, and even quantitative fluctuations in the machine will cause a substantial change in the speed of Paper Plate Making Machine.

Therefore, when the speed of Paper Plate Making Machine is unstable, the operator must first check and eliminate the impact of the above factors, and then consider the impact of electrical equipment, equipment failure.