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The Slag Produced In The Production Of Paper Plate Making Machines Should Be Used
- Aug 16, 2017 -

  The slag produced in the production of Paper Plate Making Machines should be used

  The Paper Plate Making Machine production line will produce certain papermaking waste when the production operation is carried out. The appearance of these papermaking wastes will have a great impact on the environment. Therefore, the papermaking waste in the production of Paper Plate Making Machine needs to be treated twice Use, contribute to the production of paper machine.

  The slag produced in the production of Paper Plate Making Machines is a good raw material for aerated concrete, and some other auxiliary materials are incorporated into the inside to form a new type of wall material. The formation of papermaker waste is mainly caused by combustion in the boiler, can produce two kinds of residues that are ash and slag. From the perspective of comprehensive utilization point of view, for the management and comprehensive utilization of fly ash more people need to pay great attention.

  Characteristics of Variable Frequency Speed Control Drive in Paper Machine

  Paper machine equipment with frequency control drive, this device can help paper machine equipment production. Frequency control drive has its own performance characteristics:

  1, the paper press in the press, drying, calendering roller, etc. are constant diameter of the cylinder, when the control accuracy is not high, you can think that the outer edge of the roller speed is proportional to the motor power frequency, Paper Plate Making Machines and The diameter of the outer diameter of the roll is increasing in the process of roll paper, so the size of the power supply frequency is not only proportional to the linear velocity of the outer edge of the reel roll, but also inversely proportional to its diameter. However, when the speed of the motor is controlled, Power frequency in addition to the above-mentioned various factors, but also with the paper machine in the performance of each motor and the size of the load.

  2, paper machine production transmission, not only need to keep the paper in the paper machine production line in the transmission speed, Paper Plate Making Machines but also to ensure that the paper in the production of a constant tension, to meet the production needs of paper machine.